Friday, November 9, 2007


Me posting after a long time. My previous blog has been put to rest. RIP. Though you can browse through the old posts there. This will remain the domain for my new posts. You are welcome to post your valuable comments here. Well, time to go through my post i guess...

There lays the nectar,
A grimy, old bottle of wine,
It is but a vector,
Of the minds of swine.

The glasses raised in cheer,
Makes their heads light,
While all I do is fear,
The light head's might.

The wine, was smooth,
Sweet, and treacherous,
Pretending to soothe,
But the body went tremulous.

The throat went warm,
As it made its way down,
Bearing nothing like harm,
Rather they were doing the clown.

There were the guffawing lads,
The austere colonel,
The rare but inevitable cads,
And the dog in the kennel.

Everyone save a few,
Soon, were having a kip,
Despite the cat's mew,
For, that, was the effect of a sip.


Sajneev said...


I gave the first comment!!!

Signing off,

Anonymous said...

I cant understand many things like the scenario where all this is being sung, etc... Very abstract, good one though

Maybe, im high...

Anamapaadiyaaa Jr. said...

haha..three cheers to alcohol! CHEER CHEER CHEER!

-Anamapaadiyaaa Jr.
Bladersburg, United Blades of America

Sanjeev Priyam Chandran said...

nice post da!!!

btw who is the sajneev??

oh ppl read my post.. LOL!!